Delta V Experts

Delta V Experts

Delta V (DVE) is a world leading accident investigation and reconstruction service. Headed by Dr Shane Richardson they have been hired worldwide with a large range of skills; conducting risk and safety audits, investigating and reconstructing traffic/mining/industrial accidents and when necessary providing a specialized level of engineering.

Restart IT works with DVE to keep up with the constantly changing landscape of IT. Using Crash reconstruction and CAD software requires keeping their systems completely updated and state of the art. Restart ensures that the systems run smoothly with quality Server and networking infrastructure. DVE has terabytes of data that is accessed remotely. Due to high availability requirements we designed a solution with primary onsite server and an offsite virtual server.

Restart IT offers a Managed Services Agreement which provides a monthly fixed cost solution for infrastructure and IT support. This means that DVE is able to work within budgetary constraints and have certainty on monthly costs.

Our Managed Services Agreement provides:

  • Local IT help desk for all DVE staff
  • Unlimited on-site and remote support for both server
    and user issues
  • Managed maintenance and patching
  • Security solutions including anti-virus & firewall
  • Office 365 Exchange support
  • Software vendor support
  • Disaster Recovery & Backup solutions both locally and
    cloud based