Windows 8

Officially released on the 26th of October 2012, Windows 8 is the latest Microsoft operating system. Its new interface, formerly known as ‘Metro’ brings a unique and different approach towards computers and its end-users.  This article will look into some of the reasons why you might upgrade to Windows 8 and help you decide whether if it is the right choice for you.

Increased performance
Windows 8 is Microsoft fastest Windows desktop to ever have come into creation. It is able to load into Windows in a matter of seconds, depending on computer specification. Windows 8 was created under a mobile-development influence; this led to an increased speed, improved memory management and greater power efficiency.  This will mean a longer lasting, better money-saving computer for you.

 Enhanced in-built software
Programs such as Windows explorer and Task manager has been greatly improved for regular users.  The transfer window when copying files allows easy monitoring of multiple files, which then can be paused at any time, even over a network.  Task manager lets I.T gurus to identify problems and program utilization simpler and easier.

Increased recovery options
Windows 8 provides the ability to restore your PC back to a clean state or even perform a factory reset.  This is all done by a friendly in-built menu, throwing out the need for that Windows Recovery CD.

Improved Device Support
Windows 8 has said to support multi-monitor support. It has the ability of taskbar extensions and backgrounds across multiple monitors. Furthermore, you can display the ‘Metro’ UI on one monitor and the classic desktop UI on another. In addition to this, the new stage of USB 3.0 support comes natively with Windows 8, having no need to install and configure any additional software.

Windows 8 presents a File History utility that continuously backups your files. It has the ability to review snapshots before even making the choice of reverting back to a particular file version. This all sounds pretty good to me, especially if we were working with lots of office docs.

I’ve got good news if you’re an existing Windows user. For customers who already a version of windows running somewhere on their computer, they are able to upgrade for just $39.99. Wow.  No more paying hundreds of dollars to upgrade anymore. Well done Microsoft. J


Personal Recommendations:
I believe Windows 8 would suitable for ambitious users who want to jump onto something new and innovative.  Windows 8 is here to stay, and so you can be sure its existence in the future.  Furthermore, if you’re planning or currently a Mobile Windows device owner, then I would also recommend Windows 8. Be prepared though to put in the time to learn and re-learn the basic operations of Windows.

I would not recommend it for business users. Simply because, it is just too early to determine the security risks and any bugs that may still be lurking around underwater.  Many of the inbuilt software still do have minor bugs. Although they’re constant updates that are being provided, I still do not feel that it is enough to commit important business operations securely.

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