Why choose us to take care of your domain and website management

Every day people are being caught in internet scams designed to trick you into handing over money. Just recently, a business client of ours received a very convincing email asking money for their domain and website name. For the sake of this article, we’ll call it (xyz.com.au). The document emailed to them contained their full company name, their company address and was formatted as a very professional and believable document. Let’s have a look. domain-scam Do you see anything strange in this document? I’ll give you a couple of minutes.   Alright times up! How did you go, find anything strange? It looks pretty legit from first glance and can easily fool anyone. Before we go any further, let us just say that this is a legitimate company. The address and phone number they provided are real. (We’ve tried calling them). They’re just really dodgy, and I would advise anyone to be aware of these guys. There are 3 main things that I can see that would make me second guess this invoice. The biggest give away and the one that I expect you may have suspected is the big bold heading, ‘Domain Name Available’. What does that mean? Any average Joe could easily bypass that. But this actually means that this invoice is for something that you have not purchased yet, haven’t owned it yet and maybe haven’t even enquired about. They simply just created an invoice with a domain name similar to yours, with all your correct details and sent it to you, hoping you will pay up. The second point is one I just mentioned with the keyword being ‘similar’. This Domain Name Group company has simply found a domain name that looks very close to yours. There isn’t much difference between xyz.com.au and xyz.net.au. Notice how I purposely did not erase the ‘.net.au’? There’s nothing wrong with a .net.au domain name but we just need to make sure that we’re not paying for something you don’t want. The last point that made me say ‘No way!’ is that large cost price at the end of the invoice. $245 for 2 years domain registration, web forwarding and email forwarding is really quite a lot. Restart can offer the services for a significantly lower price. Feel free to call us at our office to discuss this if you’re interested! I hope this article has helped you become more aware of the reality of scams. Stay safe everyone!    

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