Restart can provide support on an ongoing basis at a fixed monthly fee.

Restart can provide a combination of services and procedures that are aimed at maintaining an optimal level of performance and reliability from your IT system. For a fixed monthly fee we use our extensive experience managing computer systems and networks to make sure your system is up and running. It is in our interest to make sure we do as much as we can to prevent downtime. You can be sure of our intentions as, from a business perspective, we are better off when your system is working. Less downtime means a more manageable workload for Restart and, since there is no commitment from you, if your system performs to your satisfaction we hope you’ll keep us on.

The benefits to you include:

  • Predictable IT costs allowing you to better budget for your IT system
  • A Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing response times
  • Monitoring of IT systems making sure we have an informed view of your network & computers which helps maximise the life of your investment
  • A proactive approach to your IT needs means we work to prevent problems before they occur
  • A single point of contact for your IT needs. This has a flow on benefit of being less susceptible to scammers who gain unauthorised access by pretending to be your IT support company
  • A security focused approach to safeguard your sensitive information from disaster and hackers

There are two ways to spend money on your IT system. It can either be purely reactive and you tend to spend most of your money picking up the pieces after a serious problem while your business is at a standstill. We would prefer to partner with you so the money is spent to prevent those problems happening in the first place or to at least be well prepared for a disaster so downtime can be kept to a minimum.

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