Unfortunately, no computer is 100% reliable. When it comes to hard drive failures, you’re not just at the risk of potential downtime and costs, but there is always a possibility of losing data. No matter how expensive or modern the hard drive in your computer is, they all have the possibility of failing at any point in time.

In the computer age we all keep important documents on our computers such as: business and work documents, financial documents, school work, photos and videos that if lost would be a potential disaster. Without a proper back up system, it could end up costing thousands of dollars to recover the data from a failed drive and in some cases not all data can be recoverable.

At Restart, we think prevention is better than a cure so we can implement numerous backup solutions – whether cloud based or local backup systems – to help decrease the chances of losing your data in the case of a failed hard drive.

We have a good success rate of being able to recover data more cost effectively than other providers. We also work with some of the big names in physical hard drive repair to facilitate more complex recoveries.

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