Password Strength

Password strength

Have you ever wondered how strong your password is? These days, it’s is vital to have a strong and complex password that will help protect you from hackers and malicious activity. Many websites require you to fulfil a certain criteria such as, one small letter, one big letter, one special character and must contain a minimum of 6 characters.

But did you know that you are able to test how strong your password is yourself? Using a password checker website such as, ‘’, you are able to get an idea of how strong your password is against potential hackers. But before you use websites such as this, there are a few important factors to take into consideration:

  • Do not use your actual password simply for security reasons. It states boldly that the password may be stealing your password. Who knows, it may already have been hacked?
  • There are many ways in which a hacker can crack your password and this website will only test against the few common cracking methods including as method known as Brute Force. It avoids all other methods of a hacker retrieving your password.
  • The answers here are not guaranteed and are only given to provide you with an idea of how complicated your password is. Technology is constantly evolving at exponential rates and so in fact the password given may actually take a lot less than what’s stated.

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