How much disk space is your home PC is using.

Finding out how much disk space your computer using is fairly easy on a Windows computer. If you’re thinking of purchasing an external hard drive for local backups then you will need to out how big of a hard drive do we actually need. Follow these 3 simple steps to find out how much disk you are using.

Step 1.  Click the start button on the bottom left hand corner of your screen.


Step 2.  Click on ‘Computer’.


Step 3.  You should now be presented with a screen similar to below. Notice on the right hand side there is a section called ‘Hard disk drives’.


In this case, there is one Local Disk (The C Drive) and It tell us it has 146 GB free with a capacity of 232GB. Now if I were deciding on “which external hard drive do I buy?” Then ideally we would probably triple that figure (146GB) to allow for your computer to grow in disk space and/or even store several copies of the backup. So 146GB x 3 = 438GB. This means we would look for a hard drive at least with 438GB. This is just an ball park estimate and best to speak to an expert if you’re looking into purchasing a external hard drive.

3bFigure 1. A 500GB external HDD is usually enough for home users.

Depending on your computer you may have several ‘Local Disks’. Assuming there is important data on both of these drives then we will want to add the total usage of each hard drive to ensure all data has enough space to be backed up.

Windows 8 users can simply hit (Windows key + e) on the keyboard. This will bring you directly to step 3. If you find yourself running out of disk space, Restart can offer several solutions – including finding out what exactly is taking up all your disk space. Please give us a call or leave us a comment if you have any questions. Call us at Restart (03) 9528 – 4200.

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