Easily backup your data on Windows 7

Whether you have a Windows or  Mac computer having some sort of backup is essential to ensuring that you’re ready when problems like these occur.

What do you do when the worst happens to your computer?

What happens when you accidentally deleted important files or cant find lost documents?

These are just some of the reasons why you might want to make sure you have some sort of backup. There are many different methods to back up your data. We’ll discuss and guide you through the inbuilt method for backing up your Windows computer.

Using an external hard drive with Backup and Restore.

For home users, having an external hard drive dedicated for backups is usually the most efficient and affordable way of backing up your data.  Home users who have this type of backup system will increase their chance of retrieving files in case of hardware failures or deletion.

Please read our article determining how much disk space your computer is using, to find out what size external hard drive you will need to back up your computer.

In Windows, there is a pre-built Windows backup wizard that we can use to configure you’re backup. Mac users have a similar backup feature called ‘Time Machine’.

  1. Connect up your external hard drive using a USB cable into your PC (USB3.0 is recommended).
  2. On the bottom left hand corner of your screen, Click the start button.
  3. In the ‘search programs and files’ box, type in the word “backup”.
  4. A list will appear, and on the top list should be an entry called Backup and Restore. Click on Backup and Restore. 7
  5. A list of possible sources where we can backup are displayed. Choose the intended external hard drive. Then click ‘Next’.2014-02-03 16_06_18-Program Manager
  6. You can manually choose what folders and files to backup, if you’re unsure then the ‘Let Windows choose (Recommended) option would best suit you. This will backup your documents, pictures and music. Click ‘Next‘ once you’ve decided.
    Attention! If you’re using specialize software such any accounting/finance program, email programs such as Outlook or any program that use sensitive data, make sure to give us a call to specially configure this.
    2014-02-03 16_12_41-Set up backup
  7. Click on ‘Change schedule‘. Make the necessary change by click on the drop down boxes. When choosing the day and time, be aware that you need to have your computer fully turned on (If the computer is in a hibernation or sleep mode, backup will not run). You should avoid having any programs running during your backup time as this may result in not fully backing up your computer. Once you’re happy with the schedule of the backup click ‘OK‘.
    2014-03-24 13_22_17-Set up backup
  8. Click ‘Save settings and run backup’ to finish the configuration.
    2014-02-03 16_14_52-Program Manager


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